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The Amazing Jack Jacker WordPress Plugin…

…with the idea to honestly help people make money online, this WordPress (WP) plugin was created to make it a lot more easy for website owners, interested in niche, affiliate, and CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing, to get both – traffic and clicks.

At first, the product was developed to sell it but than the developer decided that the best way to help people make money online is to give it away for free.

How does Jack Jacker work?

Well, it’s kind of a funny name but this is a serious WP plugin and it is viable for anybody interested in affiliate marketing, niche marketing or CPA marketing.

This plugin is designed to solve two major issues that people have with their websites – (1) CONTENT and (2) AUTHORITY.

Generally speaking, many website owners don’t have good quality content for the website and even if they do have good quality content, they don’t have the authority in order to get clicks to their CPA or affiliate offers on the websites.

You have to have authority, the user has to be able to trust you and have to believe that what you’re offering is good information.

If they don’t trust you and don’t believe in you they’re not going to click on your affiliate or CPA links and you are not going to get any sales.

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Jack Jacker (JJ) is designed to solve both of those issues. JJ also uses social media to be able to get traffic to your site as well. Please check the product overview below, with the main steps how to get JJ into action:

Example of how to Explore Content with Jack Jacker – Create Authority:

Open your WP admin browser, go over to the PAGES section and click on add new

Select and enter the page NAME of your niche site, e.g. ‘Weight Loss Niche’

Leave the CONTENT empty and PUBLISH the page

Go over to GOOGLE.com and SEARCH for articles and websites that are related to ‘How to Lose Weight’ and SELECT a website with relevant and good content articles

Grab and COPY the URL in the navigation bar

Back at the WP admin, click and UPLOAD the JJ plugin (which was installed beforehand) on your site

Click on CREATE new Jack

Input call to ACTION bar text and most important

Input the LINK to an affiliate or CPA offer related to the example ‘How to Lose Weight’, This is where you want people to go after they click the bar text.

The Jack Jacker loads up the example website Health com with the selected article and has the bar CALL to ACTION on the top of it

The bar is also clickable and will send user of the Health.com (example) website over to any URL of your AFFILIATE or CPA offer

This call to action bar will always stay in view on the user website, even if they scroll up and down and read the article – it doesn’t go away

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JJ is asking the selected URL (e.g. Health.com) for the content on the fly which means, you will always receive the latest version of content

Another cool side effect is that all of the meta tags are now on your website which enables you to create the next important feature

How to Explore Jack Jacker Creation on Social Networks – Create Traffic

As said before, the second thing that internet marketers (IM) need is to get traffic

After you got the content, that’s going to give you a bit of authority, get traffic to your promoted site

Grab the URL for your post where you’re jacking a site, open your FaceBook (FB) page, paste it in as post and send the post to yourself first

FB is pulling all the graphics and all the content from your website as if it was coming from the selected URL (e.g. Health.com)

Once the post is received, back on your site, change the post content line to a more appropriate text, click the post button and see the magic happen…

When you click it, it’s not going to your suggested URL example ‘Health.com’, it’s going to your page with the JJ site on it, showing your call to action bar with your call to action text link

You can post to related groups, G+ or any other social networks in order to get traffic to your site

All you have to do is find niche related articles, Jack them, post them to Facebook, G+ or to other social networks and in order to get clicks to your affiliate or CPA offers

It is going to be good traffic because it’s not spamming, Just do it professionally!

If this looks like something that you would be interested in, download it 100% for free – no credit card needed – as my gift to you…

To Your Success!

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